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the simply raw

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[Nov. 21st, 2006|01:13 am]
the simply raw
we'll be having dinner with his uncle -- someone he admires and respects very deeply -- tomorrow night. i've only had one other boyfriend and his family was all the way on the other side of the country, so this meeting of family is new to me. sure, i meet friends' families all the time and they love me, but it's different with a significant other's family. it always is. i just want to make the best impression ever -- especially with family who has traveled from far away because i might not see them again...or for a good while.

the seriousness of this relationship is starting to unravel. he's introducing me to family, he sometimes comes to church with mine, he talks about me to his friends, and well, i talk to you guys, we're taking a weekend trip together, we're seeing each other more frequently, he even jokingly slipped in a "if we ever get married..." sometime in conversation (not in a way that showed he was actually thinking about it, but it's nice that he's comfortable enough to say that without being afraid of freaking me out).

the longer this relationship progresses, the less time i am able to spend without him. it's a scary thing wanting to be with someone that much. it's a scary thing to love someone that much. but it's scary in a good way.