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the simply raw

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[Nov. 15th, 2006|12:45 am]
the simply raw
he said he was ditching lab today to hang out with me but he wanted to finish up his work so he can drop it off at his professor's office when i went to class tonight. so i went to his apartment after i got off my morning shift and i took a nap in his bed while he worked on the rest of his homework.

when i woke up he was asleep next to me looking sweet and angelic. i couldn't stop staring at him. i mean, i had to pee real bad but i just layed there and stared, admiring every feature of his face. the point his big nose comes to, his plump, red lips, the soft curl in his brown hair, the retainer glued to the back of his bottom front teeth that makes him "sh" his s's a little. everything about his physical features is perfect to me. from every pimple to every pore to every birth mark to every hair on his legs. perfect.

i slide my finger over the softness of his lips before kissing them and trace the angle of his nose before biting it. i rub the stuble on his cheek before brushing my cheek against his and push on his adam's apple to see what it does to his voice. i stare at his smile and sigh at the way he closes his eyes when he thinks i'm cute.

he's the most attractive boy i've ever loved and that's not the only thing he's got going for him.

i agreed to spend the afternoon with him, not letting him know that i had two 6 page papers due tomorrow and i haven't started on them yet. today's our 4th month together. he sacrificed a class so i sacrificed time i could use to work on a paper. and now it's 11:40pm and i have yet to start on my first paper. i've just been writing here daydreaming...oh boy...here we go...

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